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Welcome to our World Where We...

Play with Purpose.

Build Godly Character.

Basketball and Soccer instructional programs for boys and girls to develop their athletic and social skills.

Coming Back Soon

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our ability to come together to learn and play, but it has only done so TEMPORARILY.

We're currently working on plans to start-up our programs again for the summer season.

Our kids deserve an opportunity to socialize and grow in a safe and clean environment and we're working hard to make that a reality.

Please stay tuned to our future announcements!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Basketball program

Our basketball program is offered to boys and girls in the following categories:

Age Groups: 5-18 years old

Skill Level: Instructional to Competitive

Soccer program

Our soccer program is offered to boys and girls in the following categories:

Age Groups: 5-11 years old

Skill Level: Instructional


Higher Athletics Ministry is a sports program committed to athletic and Biblical instruction that leads young boys and girls to greatness in Jesus.



Let’s Keep in Touch

Please write to us with any questions and we’ll be glad to respond.